Hey to the ho, it's me, Daniel, or Unicide or Uni if ya wanna call me that.
I am 16 years old, and I draw art and make music as Yakubutsu Nikki. im also AMERICAN but i guess that's all idk.
Check out the links under this message if you want idk. they are pretty cool.
Also the fella on the right is my fursona, also named Daniel, he's a funny fox boy i guess.
The Top image of Daniel is the main pic im using on my twitter, and newgrounds. So ye.
I also got Discord, but im not giving it out unless you want it, or most likely, dm you for yours. cuz, why not.
The 3rd pic is also a ref so if ya wanna draw Daniel, then your free to do so ig.
And if you want, you could also gimme some monies on cash app at $2rueUnicide2, you can find the link among the links listed below and stuff.
But yeah, hope you enjoy my stuff i guess. this is THE hub for epic Daniel Unicide content. but yeah. Click on one of the funny links to see some of my cool shit. idk
this is taking long so i guess i shall shut up now so uh, thanks for reading this, and checking me out. it means a thing i guess. idk.
But yea.
See ya i guess

Note i guess

1st pic is an edit by me of the 2nd pic by toast_alex
2nd pic is by toast_alex
3rd pic by toast_alex
4th Pic by karnexl
Also yes, there is a imgflip watermark on the weclome gif (i misspelled welcome on purpose hehe) but i dont care amd it will stay there ig idk.
And as a final note, i do not have instagram, nor tik tok, and i plan on never making one. so uh. yeah
End of notes